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September 27, 2017
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All About Trading Binary Options On the SpotOption Platform

Anyone whose even researched binary options trading has probably come across the most widely used trading platform in the industry: SpotOption.

SpotOptionSpotOption was established in 2010 and is well-renowned among traders from around the world and acts as the leading multi-platform solution in the binary option industry. SpotOption serves over 250 global companies and generates over 5000,000 transactions per day.

SpotOption is well-known for its ability to reduce dependency on internet connections, so regions with poor data connections, such as China, can still get the latest price quotes without it affecting their profitability.

Here’s a quick overview of the SpotOption platform.

SpotOption’s Exotic Trade Types

Option Builder

option-builderSpotOption’s Option Builder is unique in that it allows traders to trade using their own risk management strategy. Option Builder allows you to set your own stop loss and take profit levels. This Forex-like approach to binary options trading lets investor limit their risk and capture their profits, both of which can be very helpful to new traders.

Rollover and Double Up

roll-over-double-upRollover is a trading feature only offered by SpotOption. In short, rollover allows traders to delay their set expiry time by up to 30% of the original expiration date. Using the rollover feature is a great way to protect your investment if a trade makes an early move against your selected direction.

Double Up is a unique trading feature that basically creates an identical trade to the one just entered. This is an excellent way to double your profits on a winning formula.

Traditional Trade Types

traditionalApart from their exotic selection, SpotOption also offers traditional ways to trade binary options. This includes: High/Low, One Touch, Range, Hyper and Long Term options.

Hyper options is the same as High/Low contracts, but they use much shorter expiry times. Depending on your broker, expiries can range anywhere from 15 seconds to 15 minutes.

Long term options is also the same as High/Low, but has much longer expiry times, ranging anywhere from a few days to a few months.


SpotOption continues to innovate the industry by offering more possibilities to investors and brokers to profit in binary options. Their diverse trading selection combined with their clean and simple interface, are just a few reasons why we recommend trading on the SpotOption platform.

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