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September 27, 2017
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Why Trade Forex and Binary Options Online?

When getting started with trading, there can be uncertainty as to which trading option to select. Personal preferences and current states of stocks can be the deciding factors for selecting. Forex and Binary trading options are both trade-able online. Because of the accessibility, these options can be accessed at all times of the day. With either option, there is a chance for loss and a chance for gain. The trading can be done with Forex and binary either in a small frame of time or a larger range of time. Regardless which option you select, lower sums of money can be utilized to start (even as low as $100 or less).

However, both options vary greatly in individual appeal but what are the benefits to each?


With Forex there tends to be more variation and profit is not fixed. Risk can easily be controlled however the frequent change with the market can end up making it a bit harder to utilize a stop loss. This can make it a little difficult to know how high the risk for a trade is. Forex is generally more complex than binary, which allows it to be a bit more customization of an option. Risk and reward can more accurately be assess and decisions based on relation can be executed.

Due to the fact that you have more options to customize the reward relative to the risk, there can be profit in greater loss with Forex. The flexibility of Forex can be beneficial, but can also be a bit intimidating to traders looking for a bit more black and white.

Forex trading focuses on the constant movement of the market. This can be beneficial when enough money is invested.The only issue with relying on fluctuation is that there often is not enough instability to make profit.

Time involved with Forex trading is as varied as well. Forex trading can involve seconds, days, months, or years. The timing is flexible, allowing a bit more leeway with opening and closing position times.

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Binary Options

With binary trading the risk and profit is fixed. This means that if $10 is set on a particular trade, the profit is less than the reward. For example, profit can be $8, whereas the loss can end up being $10. The payout is only 80% with binary.

Due to the fact that risk and reward are on a fixed scale for binary trading, there is more simplicity with this trading option. There is very limited flexibility with binary trading. Binary can either lead to great success or pretty hefty loss, due to the fact that the risk is always higher than the reward.

Binary trading happens within a set time frame.  It is always definitive when a trade is beginning and ending. There is always and understanding of risk, reward, and time frame when choosing a binary trading option.  A set time expires, there is gain or loss, and profit is 80%. Each thing is very simple and calculated.

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