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Signals History

A signal should only be triggered within the specified entry rate.

An entry range, as specified in our signals, represents the market price at which we are prepared to open position; i.e., if the asset price enters the specified expiry time, the signal becomes “valid”. If the market price does not enter the range before the expiry time, the signal is considered did-not-trigger” and is no longer active. In this case, the signal should no longer be considered valid.

Please note that the trading plan is subject to market conditions that are in a state of cnstant change. In such a case, we may consider to change the trading plan.

Our signals are based on live trading activity accompanied by 100% transparency and due diligence monitoring, with access via a track record table that contains the signal’s details, results, and a link to the specific video that was uploaded at the time the signal was released.

The signals are “Semi hand Picked”, combining the use of our next generation, revolutionary, Organic Trading System (OTS) that allows traders to gain confidence, increase probability of success and machine-like trading with full flexibility and control over the execution process and money management system.

We launch between two and four trading signals every trading day